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Volume 4 Number 2, June 2013

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Chinese character learning: Using embodied animations in initial stages

Lu, Ming-Tsan Pierre (盧明燦), The University of Texas at Brownsville (德州大學)
Hallman Jr., Gregory L. (霍克瑞), Columbia University (哥倫比亞大學)
Black, John B. (約翰•布拉克), Columbia University (哥倫比亞大學)
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(The application and effectiveness of Moodle ─ An e-learning platform for intermediate Chinese speaking and listening course)

韩彤宇 (Hon, Tungyue), 香港中文大学 (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
pp. 25-34: Abstract | Article PDF

以Moolde 為輔助華語學習的課外活動設計
(Moodle as a learning aid: An example of Chinese extra-curriculum activity design)

陳蕙郁 (Chen, Huei-Yu), 加州理工州立大學 (California Polytechnic State University)
pp. 35-54: Abstract | Article PDF

(Evaluation of interaction mechanism on e-learning platforms for teaching Chinese as a second language)

梁源 (Liang, Yuan), 香港教育学院 (The Hong Kong Institute of Education)
邓俊清 (Deng, Junqing), 深圳大学 (Shenzhen University)
欧伟民 (AU, Wai-man Dannis), 香港中文大学 (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
pp. 55-68: Abstract | Article PDF


(Using video to promote the acquisition of advanced proficiency)

张霓 (Zhang, Phyllis), 乔治 • 华盛顿大学 (The George Washington University)
pp. 69-85: Abstract | Article PDF

What can a smartphone offer to learners of Chinese?

Chen, Dongdong (陈东东), Seton Hall University (西东大学)
pp. 86-95: Abstract | Article PDF


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