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Volume 5 Number 2, December 2014

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(The study of CSL online teacher training course and the teachers’ development of Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge)

鄭琇仁 (Cheng, Hsiu-Jen), 國立高雄師範大學 (National Kaohsiung Normal University)
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(Integrating language and culture: Content-based instruction through digital storytelling for advanced Chinese learners)

刘刚 (Liu, Gang), 卡耐基梅隆大学 (Carnegie Mellon University)
汪海霞 (Wang, Haixia), 匹兹堡大学 (University of Pittsburgh)
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Implementing CALL technology in teaching a content-based Chinese hand puppet theater course

Wu, Sue-mei (吴素美), Carnegie Mellon University (卡内基梅隆大学)
Lei, Yuyun (雷雨芸), University of Pittsburgh (匹兹堡大学)
Guan, Kailu (官恺璐), University of Pittsburgh (匹兹堡大学)
pp. 36-48: Abstract | Article PDF


MOOCs and Chinese Language Education

Chin-Hsi Lin (林金錫), Michigan State University (密西根州立大学)
Zhang, Yining (张亦凝), Michigan State University (密西根州立大学)
pp. 49-65: Abstract | Article PDF

(Optimizing Chinese language instruction: Where we are and where we are going)

张霓 (Zhang, Phyllis), 乔治•华盛顿大学 (The George Washington University)
pp. 66-82: Abstract | Article PDF


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