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Volume 8 Number 2, 2017
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Zhang, B. (2017). Constructing Spoken Corpora of L2 Chinese Learners: Where We Are and What Needs to Be Done. Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching, 8(2), 101-112.

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The construction of Chinese interlanguage spoken corpus lags behind similar efforts in Chinese written corpus, which constrains the research on spoken corpus-based Chinese language acquisition and teaching. At present, there is an urgent need to study the construction of Chinese interlanguage spoken corpus, focusing on issues such as the understanding of the basics of such spoken corpus, materials collection, and corpus annotation. In this paper, we briefly discuss the reasons for less research efforts on the construction of Chinese interlanguage spoken corpora. We also introduce the content, scope, and annotation of Chinese interlanguage spoken corpus, with the hope that our introduction will help promote more research in this field in the future.


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