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(Last updated: 2014-05-14)

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(Last updated: 2014-05-14)

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Plenary Speakers / 特邀主题演讲人

  • Kern, Rick, Professor of French and Director of Language Center, UC Berkeley
    Technology and language learning: Why the medium matters
  • Xie, Tianwei, Professor of Chinese and Chair of Department of Asian and Asian American Studies, California State University, Long Beach
    Meeting the Challenges: Be Firm and Smart (风起云涌,站稳脚跟)
  • Hsin, Shih-Chang, Professor of Chinese, Graduate Institute of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, National Taiwan Normal University
    Enhancing the range of listening comprehension with technology: Web resource establishment for various Mandarin accents

Hands-on workshop / 工作坊

  • Cheng, Dongdong, Seton Hall University
    Using smart phones in K-16 Chinese classrooms
  • Da, Jun, Middle Tennessee State University
    Using WeChat for Chinese language teaching and learning
  • Lin, Chin-Hsi, Michigan State University
    Introduction to MOOCs
  • Liu, Shijuan, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
    Yeh, ChinHuei, Shrewsbury Public Schools

    Using tablets (iPads) in K-16 Chinese classrooms: Pedagogical, technical, and managerial challenges and solutions
  • Xie, Tianwei, California State University, Long Beach
    Electricslide and remote presentation; Using Screencast-o-matic to make a micro-film for your presentation
  • Zhang, Phyllis, George Washington University
    Simple solutions to daily tasks for Chinese language teaching and learning
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