TCLT9 Achieves

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Keynote speech PPTs

  1. De Bao Xu, University Distinguished Professor, Department of Chinese, FAH, University of Macau
    Title: Issues in CALL Study
  2. Jozef Colpaert, Professor of Educational Technology and Computer Assisted Language Learning at the Institute for Education and Information Sciences at the University of Antwerp
    Title: Technology as the "normal" result of good design in language learning and teaching
  3. Greg Kessler, Director of Language Resource Center, Associate Professor of Computer Assisted Language Learning in Department of Linguistics, Ohio University
    Title: Preparing teachers for the future: Intelligent language teaching and learning technology
  4. Sunaoka Kazuko (砂岡和子), Professor at the School of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University
    Title: Cross-classrooms peer-to-peer activity through mobile phone in the Asian students' distance learning



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