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Based on our understanding of the policies to visit Macau, many people including mainland China passport holders who visit Macau for a short time period (e.g., 7 days) directly from third countries/regions (e.g., U.S.) will not need to apply for entry-exit permit (通行证).

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Phone: (853) 2872 5488

如對澳門 出入境情況,有疑問,亦可致電下列邊境站查詢:
外港邊境站電話: (853) 8798 5327
氹仔北安客運碼頭邊境站: (853) 8898 1501
機場邊境站電話: (853) 8898 1317

Transit through Hong Kong

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Under the present arrangement, holders of People's Republic of China (PRC) passport who are in transit through the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) to and from another country or territory (e.g. USA > HKSAR > Macau > Mainland China and/or Mainland China > HKSAR > USA) may be granted a stay of seven days on each landing without prior need to obtain an entry permit. However, they must satisfy the immigration officer on arrival that they meet with the normal immigration requirements and qualify for entry as bona fide visitors, including possession of adequate funds to cover the duration of stay without working and, unless in transit to Mainland of China, the holding of onward tickets.

If the passenger (eg. PRC passport holder) wishes to come for HKSAR > Mainland) or if they are in transit but their proposed duration of stay are more than seven days, they have to obtain appropriate entry permit before arrival.

Please visit this website for visit visa application before visiting HK:

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