Promoting the use of technology in Chinese language learning and instruction

TCLT Standing Committee

De Bao Xu, University of Macau (Chair)
Jianhua Bai, Kenyon College
Chin-Chuan Cheng, National Taiwan Normal University, Academia Sinica
Jun Da, Middle Tennessee State University
Yufan Hao, University of Macau
Shih-Chang Hsin, National Taiwan Normal University
Hong Gang Jin, University of Macau
Song Jiang, University of Hawaii
Yen-hui Audrey Li, University of Southern California
Scott McGinnis, Defense Language Institute-Washington Office
Ling Mu, Yale University
Galal Walker, The Ohio State University
Mingquan Wang, Tufts University
Tianwei Xie, University of California, Long Beach
Tao-chung Yao, University of Hawaii
Phyllis Zhang, George Washington University
Zhengsheng Zhang, California State University, San Diego
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The TCLT Standing Committee
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