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Volume 11 Number 2, 2020
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Chen, L., & Zhan, H. (2020). WeChat Assisted Differentiated CFL Instruction in Study Abroad: A Pilot Case Study. Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching, 11(2), 64-92.
[陈丽安, & 战红. (2020). 微信辅助海外CFL个体化教学案例初步研究. 科技与中文教学 (Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching), 11(2), 64-92.]

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This pilot case study explores the use of the WeChat recording tool as a promising solution for the challenges of teaching mixed second language (L2) and heritage language (HL) learners in sheltered content courses in study abroad. The tool successfully created opportunities for learners to engage in different oral learning tasks, helped the curriculum to stay on track, and enabled instructors to provide differentiated and timely feedback. Data were collected from an online survey, email questions, learner recordings of topics, and an instructor’s recording of feedback, reflections, lesson plans, and class notes. The study determines that the WeChat recording tool can be very helpful in instructing mixed classes in study abroad, despite limited technical difficulties.

本案初步研究了微信作为录音工具在海外留学项目中的使用,所观察班级均有程度不同的二语及继承语学习者。本研究发现微信使用给不同学习者创造了完成多种口语学习任务的机会,有助于保证课程进度,并给教师提供了个体化、及时性反馈的渠道。研究数据来自线上问卷、电邮采访、 学习者口语练习录音, 教师反馈录音、教学反思及教案笔记。结果显示虽然微信使用偶尔存在技术问题, 但作为录音工具,它益于海外项目中混合水平班级的教学。

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