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Volume 12 Number 1, 2021
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Xu, H., & & Li, Y. (2021). Using Online Applications to Enhance Phonetic Acquisition among Learners of Chinese. Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching, 12(1), 51-81.
[徐红英, & 李艳. (2021). 网络应用对汉语学习者语音习得的有效性研究. 科技与中文教学 (Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching), 12(1), 51-81.]

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Previous literature shows gaps in effective ways to enhance phonetic acquisition among beginning-level learners of Chinese, including tones, initials, and finals, especially in settings outside of laboratories. The present study explored the effectiveness of integrating self-paced use of online applications in non-lab settings in helping students improve their perception and production of Chinese syllables. Three groups of participants were recruited and they underwent training in different settings: one group received four 15-minute sessions using online applications in class; one group completed the same sessions outside of class; the third group received traditional teacher-led instruction and pen-and-paper Pinyin practice in place of the practices using online applications. The two experiment groups performed similarly: both groups showed better retention of their gains after the training ended than the traditional instruction group. Learners also embraced the use of these online applications as effective learning aids.


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