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Volume 12 Number 1, 2021
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Neubauer, D. (2021). Read-Along Videos for L2 Chinese Learners. Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching, 12(1), 138-151.
[杜雁子. (2021). 给汉语为二语学习者用的“跟着读”影片. 科技与中文教学 (Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching), 12(1), 138-151.]

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This paper reports on the use of “read-along” videos made for Chinese as a second language (L2 Chinese) learners taking Chinese language classes online. These videos make it possible for students to read along with teacher-created texts and audio support. Students may also mute the audio, pause, slow down or speed up playback, and use pop-up dictionaries while viewing to adapt to their own learning needs. I list findings in research on L2 Chinese reading instruction and development relevant to the design and use of these videos. I also describe the teaching context in which these videos are now used. Then, I recommend how to make similar videos, both from a text design and from a technological point of view, and how to coach students on more effective use of such videos. The paper closes with observations about students’ use of these videos and their application in other instructional settings, Chinese reading development, and future research.

这篇文章报告如何在网课使用为汉语为二语学习者做的“跟着读”影片。这种影片让学习者能边看边听教师提供的阅读材料。学习者还能把音效静音、把影片暂停、把速度放慢加快,也可以用网上词典即时翻译不熟悉的汉字, 以便学生根据自己的学习目标和语言水平调整用法。本文先針對汉语为二语的阅读教学和发展做文献探讨。然后,分享笔者如何在教学里使用这种影片,并从文本设计和科技技术层面分享如何制作“跟着读”影片,也对于如何引导学习者更好地使用“跟着读”影片提供建议。文末探讨“跟着读”影片如何应用于其他的教学情境,分享使用这种影片的学习者在中文阅读发展的教学观察,并提出未来的研究方向。

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