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Volume 13 Number 1, 2022
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Tan, D., Wu, L., Huang, R., & Wang, Z. (2022). STARTALK eTower: An Effective OER to Promote Chinese Language Proficiency and Learner Autonomy. Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching, 13(1), 74-100.
[谭大立, 吴雷, 黄瑞, & 王真. (2022). STARTALK eTower: 一个有效提高学习者能力以及学习自主性的开放式教育资源. 科技与中文教学 (Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching), 13(1), 74-100.]

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This paper introduces the concept of Open Educational Resources (OER), taking STARTALK eTower as an example. STARTALK eTower has unique advantages such as accessibility via multiple kinds of devices, a design based on ACTFL “World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages”, a commitment to language proficiency and cultural competency development, and a conscious effort to strengthen learners' learning autonomy. As long as learners have an electronic device and access to the Internet, they can use the eTower website to learn Chinese, experience Chinese culture, and improve their Chinese literacy anytime and anywhere. This article introduces the online and offline eTower-based teaching activities, learning tasks, and assessments designed by four classroom teachers who teach Chinese at K-16 levels in different regions of the United States. Additionally, the article shares some student work samples, provides advice and offers suggestions for teachers and students to fully utilize the STARTALK eTower.

本文以STARTALK eTower为例,介绍了开放式教育资源的概念。STARTALK eTower具有多种优势:多终端学习体验,基于美国外语教学委员会“面向世界的语言学习标准”的设计,致力于语用能力与文化素养的发展,有意识加强学习者学习策略以及自主性等等。学习者只要有电子设备和英特网,就可以随时随地登录eTower网站学习中文,体验中国文化,提升读写能力。本文介绍了在美国不同地区K-16任教的四位一线教师使用STARTALK eTower设计的线上线下教学活动、学习任务、评估方式,并分享了一些学生作品样本。另外,本文还给师生们提供了充分使用eTower的建议和注意事项。

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