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Volume 1 Number 1, 2010
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Chen, D. (2010). Enhancing the learning of Chinese with Second Life. Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching, 1(1), 14-30.
[陈东东. (2010). '第二人生'辅助中文教学. 科技与中文教学 (Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching), 1(1), 14-30.]

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This article reports on a study that incorporates SL into the curriculum of university Introductory Chinese course in Fall 2009,including its implementation and evaluation. Using the existing resources of the SL Chinese School created by Michigan State University, 7 learning tasks were designed to supplement teaching throughout the semester.Along with the face-to-face instruction in class, students were required to study by completing the tasks alone, or with their peers or the teaching assistant in the SL Chinese School outside of the classroom. In performing the tasks, students practiced what was being learned in the classroom, and explored cultural aspects relating to the language. We will discuss both the teaching experience of including SL in the curriculum from the instructor‟s perspective, and the feedback from students on the learning of Chinese within the virtual world. Recommendations are provided for researchers for future directions as well as for practitioners for effective use of SL in the Chinese classroom.

本文报告大学初级中文课程对第二人生虚拟软件的应用实践。在为期一个学期的教学中,我们设计了 7 项任务,要求学习者独立或合作完成。我们发现,学习者通过尝试这些任务,可以有效地复习课堂内容、学习文化知识。本文从教和学两个角度探讨第二人生在中文教学中的可行性,并对将来的研究和实践提出建设性的意见。

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