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Volume 4 Number 2, 2013
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Hon, T. (2013). The application and effectiveness of Moodle ─ An e-learning platform for intermediate Chinese speaking and listening course. Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching, 4(2), 25-34.
[韩彤宇. (2013). 网络教学平台 Moodle 在中级汉语听说课程中的应用及效果. 科技与中文教学 (Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching), 4(2), 25-34.]

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In the 21st century computer technologies develop at a tremendous pace. Teachers teaching Chinese as a second language through smart searching engines and databases on Internet may collect, edit and upload contents to automatically generate teaching materials, thus combining methodology and curriculum with computer technologies to manage teaching on line. This study focuses on how an e-learning platform Moodle is being applied in our Intermediate Chinese Speaking and Listening Course, particularly on how it manages and supervises pace of study of students, and how it coordinates with teachers’ classroom teaching, in order to examine its effectiveness. This paper also addresses the feedback from students on their perspectives of comprehensive computer technologies being employed in teaching Chinese as a second language, and the reflections of teachers towards teaching with Moodle.

二十一世纪电脑科技发展一日千里,对外汉语教学可以通过网络、应用数据库、智能搜索、编写专用语料库、在线采集、编辑、发布和管理教学内容,自动生成网络教材,从而将电脑科技、教学法及课程结合起来。本研究集中讨论网络教学平台 Moodle 在本所中级汉语听说课程中的应用,尤其是它如何管理及监督学生的学习进度,如何与教师的课堂教学配合,以验证其教学效果,并讨论学生对综合电脑科技在对外汉语教学中的反馈,和教师对 Moodle 教学的反思。

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