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Volume 5 Number 1, 2014
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Jiang, S. (2014). Practice and exploration of the Blackboard Learn platform in teaching Chinese online for beginners. Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching, 5(1), 54-74.
[姜松. (2014). Blackboard Learn 平台上初级汉语网上课程的实践与探索. 科技与中文教学 (Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching), 5(1), 54-74.]

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Blackboard Learn™ is a comprehensive online platform for teaching, learning, community building, content management, and outcomes assessment. Its flexibility, versatility, and capability to meet online learners’ growing needs have made it a popular platform for online language teaching. Taking a two-semester Chinese for beginners course series as a case study, this paper features the design, content management, task construction, and assessment of Chinese language online course under the Blackboard system. The practice and effectiveness of Blackboard features essential to Chinese language online teaching, including creating and grading interactive rubrics, associating rubrics with contents, incorporating digital learning objects, aligning lessons to language proficiency standards, monitoring at-risk students, integrating synchronous/asynchronous tools, and using Wikis, Blogs, WebEx within Bb, etc., will be discussed using longitude data from the offerings of this series for the past 5 years. Challenges and solutions regarding teaching Chinese online for beginners will also addressed.

Blackboard Learn™是一个集线上教学、团体建设、内容管理和绩效评估为一体的综合网络课程管理平台。这一平台因其在满足学习者学习需求上的灵活多样和功能上的丰富便捷成为网络课程通常采用的一个热门平台。以高中两个学期的初级汉语网络课程为例,本文着重讨论Blackboard Learn平台下的初级汉语网络课程的结构设计、内容管理、任务构建和评估测试,具体说明Blackboard Learn系统中的多项功能,如:评估标准的设定和实施、标准与内容的对应衔接、学生学习进程的监测管理、同步和异步工具的使用、Wikis, Blogs和WebEx与Blackboard Learn系统的整合等。本文将根据过去五年教学实践所积累的资料,分析初级汉语网络教学的成果与挑战,并讨论这一教学实践给网络教学法和网络课堂互动带来的启示。

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