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Volume 6 Number 2, 2015
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Hsin, S. (2015). Enhancing the Range of Listening Breadth with Various Mandarin Accents ─ Development of the “Mandarin Chinese Listening Training” Website. Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching, 6(2), 39-47.
[信世昌. (2015). 促進聽力寬度教學之華語口音資源——「漢語聽力通」網站之建置. 科技与中文教学 (Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching), 6(2), 39-47.]

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The article aims to emphasize the importance of the listening breadth instruction and introduces a website development project in this regard. Since the most of Chinese people speak Mandarin with certain accent, it’s necessary to widen learners’ Mandarin listening breadth and include accented voice materials in order to enhance learners’ communication ability. Based on the idea, the researcher has developed a website with various teaching/learning functions for listening. Over 600 voice files crossing 16 kinds of Mandarin accents are recorded and showed in the website.

由於絕大多數華人所講的國語/普通話都帶有受方言影響的口音,因此在中級教學有必要強調各種口音的聽力理解並引入材料。筆者認為聽力訓練不應僅限於速度及長度的訓練,也應包括「寬度」, 即對於不同音色、口音、腔調之聽力理解。本文首先介紹華語聽力寬度教學的理念及其重要性,其次介紹筆者基於該理念所倡導創建的漢語聽力通網站。 該網站已收集了包括16種口音的數百筆語音。

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