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Volume 7 Number 1, 2016
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Colpaert, J. (2016). Big Content in an Educational Engineering Approach. Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching, 7(1), 1-14.

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Language teachers find themselves under increasing pressure to use technology, and to adapt their pedagogical approach accordingly. The first question they are confronted with is: which technology to use, why, how, when and where, and which justification to provide for this choice. A second, more intricate, question is: which content to use, why, how, when and where, and which justification to provide for this choice. This article provides a report on our research on content for language learning in the last thirty years. After defining the concept of content in a more ontological way, we provide an overview of all data and content types that have become available recently. We present educational engineering as a method for making a justifiable choice, but at the same time we point out a number of issues associated with certain content types. The development of content for interactive language courseware is extremely labor-intensive, and it lacks reusability. We explain our attempts to work out a generic model for content structuring, and justify why Open Data seems to become a promising alternative at this point.

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