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Volume 7 Number 1, 2016
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Li, S., & Guo, S. (2016). Collocation Analysis Tools for Chinese Collocation Studies. Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching, 7(1), 56-77.
[李守纪, & 郭曙纶. (2016). 可用于汉语搭配研究的搭配分析工具. 科技与中文教学 (Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching), 7(1), 56-77.]

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The importance of the teaching and learning of collocation has been widely acknowledged among researchers in the field of second language acquisition and teaching. In recent years, a number of lexical tools that can be used for collocation analysis such as WordSmith, AntConc, PowerConc, BNCweb, and CQPweb have become available for researchers. Despite their availability, the understanding and mastery of these tools and related techniques remain challenging for many researchers who are technically less competent. This is particularly the case in the studies of Chinese collocation within the field of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (TCFL). Some of the abovementioned tools cannot be used for processing and analyzing Chinese texts, and even if they could, extra steps would be needed before they could be employed. This study aims to provide an overview of the collocation tools and corpora for Chinese language learning, with a focus on tools that can be used for Chinese language. Using the corpus analysis toolkit AntConc as an example, the study explains the procedures involved in the analysis of Chinese collocations, the configurations of the toolkit, and the statistical measures that are relevant to Chinese text analysis. It is hoped that this introduction provides some useful information for researchers who are interested in using collocation analytic tools in their studies.

搭配教学的重要性近年来已经得到研究第二语言习得和第二语言教学界的普遍认可。相应地,可以用于搭配研究的一些词汇学工具例如WordSmith, AntConc, PowerConc, BNCweb, CQPweb 等也已经开发出来并为诸多学者所使用。然而,对于很多缺乏这方面技能的研究者来说,理解并掌握如何利用这些工具进行搭配研究却成为一个挑战。这种情况在汉语搭配研究当中更为突出,原因是上述很多工具最初是针对分析英语文本而设计的,无法直接用于汉语搭配的分析,或者是有些工具虽然可以用于汉语文本分析,但使用前需要一些额外的步骤对汉语文本进行处理。本文首先概述了可以用于汉语搭配研究的词汇工具和语料库的基本情况,然后以语料库分析工具 AntConc 为例,详细说明了使用它对汉语语料中的搭配进行提取和分析时的操作步骤、软件设置、跨距和统计测量值的设定等,以期对那些有兴趣使用这些搭配分析工具进行汉语搭配研究的学者提供一些有用的信息。

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