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Volume 7 Number 2, 2016
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Zhou, Y. (2016). Digital Vocabulary Competition as Motivator for Learning in CFL Classrooms. Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching, 7(2), 1-22.
[周亚伦. (2016). 数字化词汇比赛作为外语汉语教室中的学习动力. 科技与中文教学 (Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching), 7(2), 1-22.]

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Existing literature indicates that there is an urgent need both for second language acquisition (SLA) theory informed research in game-based learning (Reinders, 2012) and for vocabulary instruction research with real students in real classrooms rather than in short-term experimental settings (Spada, 2005). Under the framework of motivational dynamics in language learning (Waninge, de Bot, & Dornyei, 2014) and designing a course as a multiplayer classroom (Sheldon, 2012), the researcher investigated an innovative pedagogy in a college level beginners Chinese course by using Quizlet , a web 2.0 flashcards website. The results demonstrate that vocabulary game competitions promote engaging vocabulary learning. The research proven pedagogy draws attention to strategies in tutorial CALL vocabulary instruction research and praxis for motivation and learning in an intact classroom. The findings shed light on the Directed Motivational Current (DMC) model by Dornyei, Muir and Ibrahim (2014) that stimulates second language learners to perform to full potential.

现有文献表明目前有两个领域急需研究:一是在二语习得理论指导下的游戏式学习研究(Reinders, 2012);二是以真实教室真实学生为研究载体,而非在短期试验性环境中进行的词汇教学研究(Spada, 2005)。基于语言学习动机多样性的理论框架(Waninge, de Bot, & Dornyei, 2014) 和多人游戏式教室的课程设计理念(Sheldon, 2012),本研究利用目前流行的电脑辅助语言学习网络工具Quizlet为教学媒体,探索大学初级汉语词汇教学法。教学研究结果表明词汇游戏比赛能促进学生自主学习词汇。本教学研究对使用电脑辅助语言学习工具的词汇教学策略和在正规教室中促进学习动机的教学实践有借鉴作用。其研究结果与学习动机控制理论(Directed Motivational Current, Dornyei, Muir, & Ibrahim, 2014)相符,旨在刺激二语学习者发挥最大的学习潜力。

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