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Volume 7 Number 2, 2016
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Guo, S., & Li, S. (2016). Supporting Collocation Learning and Teaching with a Chinese Collocation Profile Database. Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching, 7(2), 38-57.
[郭曙纶, & 李守纪. (2016). 建立汉语搭配语料库,促进汉语搭配教学. 科技与中文教学 (Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching), 7(2), 38-57.]

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Recent studies on collocation have indicated that L2 collocation competence is a crucial factor that distinguishes L2 learners from fluent native speakers. However, mastery of collocation has proved difficult because of the sheer number of collocations in the targeted language. Although a great number of ICT tools have been integrated into language teaching and learning, academically sound and pedagogically enriched computer assisted collocation learning environments are still rare and inadequate in the field of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (TCFL). This paper reports an attempt to construct a Chinese Collocation Profile Database (CCPD) with more targeted selections of collocations, an improved database, and more pedagogically sound online activities in collocation learning. The study first identifies commonly confused collocations for CFL learners from the HSK corpus, and then obtains each collocation’s high-frequency collocates from the BCC corpus based upon the strictly applied set of criteria using the corpus analysis toolkit AntConc. Collocation patterns for each collocate are also summarized for learners and teachers. Five types of activities are designed accordingly to train learners on methods for improving upon their collocation competence.

近年来的搭配研究表明,第二语言学习者的词汇搭配能力是他们有别于流利的母语使用者的关键因素。然而,由于目标语言中搭配的数量非常庞大,第二语言学习者学习并掌握搭配的难度也相当大。尽管目前的语言教学和学习采用了很多的ICT工具,但在对外汉语教学领域中,真正以科学的学术研究和合理的教学方法为基础的计算机辅助汉语词汇搭配学习系统还非常少见。本文介绍了构建汉语词汇搭配数据库(CCPD)的理论依据和实现方法。CCPD对于搭配的选择将更有针对性,所使用的语料库数据也更为准确,针对搭配模式所设计的练习也更符合认知规律。CCPD的设计的第一步是确定HSK动态作文语料库中汉语学习者经常混淆的搭配,然后根据严格设定的统计标准,使用语料库分析工具AntConc从北京语言大学BCC语料库中提取高频搭配词语。在此基础上笔者再对每个高频搭配词语的搭配模式进行总结和描写。在这些信息的基础上,CCPD 设计了五种类型的练习,以帮助提高汉语学习者的词汇搭配能力。

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