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Volume 7 Number 2, 2016
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Zhang, S. (2016). Learning Through a CMC-Based Tandem Project with Native Speakers: A Descriptive Study of Beginning CFL Learners. Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching, 7(2), 58-81.
[张胜兰. (2016). 网络环境下中文教学配对学习活动的设计:一个描述性研究. 科技与中文教学 (Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching), 7(2), 58-81.]

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Tandem learning through conferencing tools, one form of computer-mediated communication (CMC), has been proven beneficial to language learning. This study investigates the implementation of a tandem learning activity that was designed, based on the multiliteracies' view of pedagogy, to allow CFL learners in America to interact with native speakers of Chinese in China. It explores how learners interact with native speakers via Skype, QQ or WeChat, with the purpose of completing a culture project, how they perceive this learning experience, and how the design of the tandem activity might be improved. Data collected include: chat records, learner reflections on the tandem learning experience, a survey, project presentations, researcher/teacher field observation notes, and an informal focus group interview. Grounded theory was used in data analysis. The findings show that the learners were able to communicate with the native speakers online successfully by adopting various strategies. A majority of the learners enjoyed the tandem activity, primarily because they felt that it had enhanced their learning. Various topics were covered in their conversations. The learners enjoyed connecting with native speaking college students in China despite some challenges. Specific ways were suggested to improve integration of tandem learning into beginning level CFL courses.

利用网络视频或音频社交工具进行配对学习已被证明有益于语言学习。本研究旨在探讨基于多元认读理论(Multiliteracies theory)设计的利用网络社交工具(Skype, QQ, 或者微信)进行配对学习的活动的设计与实施,包括中文学习者在完成一项文化课业中如何与中国大学生通过网络社交工具用中文交流,他们对此项活动的感受与认知,以及此设计如何进一步改进。作者利用人类学的扎根理论(Grounded theory)分析数据,研究数据包括会话记录,学生反思,调查问卷,学生活动报告,老师观察记录,以及非正式小组访谈。研究结果表明,学习者通过利用不同策略成功地完成了与操母语者交流并取得文化信息的目的;多数学生认为此活动虽然有一些挑战,但是增强了他们对目的语言及目的文化的学习,因此喜欢并享受整个活动过程。

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