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Volume 8 Number 1, 2017
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Tseng, M. (2017). The Development of Skills Required for Online Chinese Language Teaching. Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching, 8(1), 36-65.
[曾妙芬. (2017). 网上中文教师教学技能培养之探讨研究. 科技与中文教学 (Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching), 8(1), 36-65.]

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This paper describes and analyzes an intensive summer training program for development of skills required for effective online teaching in Mandarin Chinese. The program pioneered a blended training model featuring two weeks of online training followed by three weeks of onsite training in the United States. During the program, twelve in-service teachers received intensive training on effective pedagogy and technology use, followed by a supervised practicum of teaching online synchronous sessions. The study employed a combination of quantitative and qualitative analyses to document teachers' growth and development of required skills. Quantitative analysis, based on the results of a self-assessment checklist that teachers completed before and after the program, is the core of the assessment. Qualitative data, based on teachers' self-reflections that were partial requirements of their e-portfolios, supplements quantitative analysis. The results indicate substantial evidence of acquired skills in pedagogy and technology through the blended training model for online teaching. Directions for future research are recommended at the end of the paper.

此研究探讨网上中文教师在暑期密集培训项目中有效教学技能的培养。此培训项目采混合式培训模式,包括两周网上培训与三周面对面的网上试教现场指导,课程结合有效教学方法与电脑科技辅助工具之理论与实践两部分,参加培训的全部十二位中文教师皆顺利完成五周密集培训课程。此研究针对网上教学必备技能与教师专业能力的培养进行质与量的分析, 以量的分析为主,质的分析为辅。在量化研究方面,针对项目开始前与结束后教师自我检测结果进行描述性统计;在质化辅助分析方面,根据教师于项目结束时,汇整完成的网上教学专业档案中的自我反思部分,针对量化分析紧密相连的部分进行归类分析描述。研究结果显示,教师透过此混合式的密集培训,于项目结束时在教学技能与电脑辅助工具的运用能力两方面有明显的提高。本文最后指出未来研究方向。

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