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Volume 8 Number 1, 2017
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Chen, D. (2017). Developing Electronic Teaching Portfolios: A Way to Success for Preservice Teachers. Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching, 8(1), 66-85.
[陈东东. (2017). 建立电子教学档案,促进对外汉语教育. 科技与中文教学 (Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching), 8(1), 66-85.]

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This pilot study examines the role of the electronic teaching portfolio application in a Chinese language teacher education program content course. As part of the course requirements for Supervised Teaching of Chinese, ten graduate students developed electronic teaching portfolios via the open-source tool WordPress. In reporting the process and the product, we show that preservice teachers, while developing their portfolios, were directed to reflect on and think critically about learning objectives, thereby building competence and skills by the completion of the project. More precisely, these student teachers gained the following: (i) a better understanding of requirements for Chinese-language teachers in the real world; (ii) a greater commitment to a teaching career in the K-12 setting; (iii) improvement of high-level critical and reflective thinking; (iv) an increased sense of responsibility; (v) stronger English writing skills, and (vii) enhanced appreciation of professionalism. The results of this study show that having preservice teachers create e-portfolios encouraged and even empowered them to become more qualified teaching candidates. The effects of the skills gained as a result of this program will be discussed along with suggestions for enhancing Chinese-language teacher education.


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