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Volume 8 Number 1, 2017
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Hsin, S.-C., Hsieh, C. L., & Chang-Blust, L. (2017). Preservice Teacher Training for Online Chinese Teaching: A Case of Distance Courses for High School Learners. Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching, 8(1), 86-103.
[信世昌, 謝佳玲, & 張美智. (2017). 華語線上教師之職前培訓:針對美國高中遠距華語課程之個案. 科技与中文教学 (Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching), 8(1), 86-103.]

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With the advancement of Internet technology, using videoconferencing becomes a feasible approach for teaching Chinese language courses online. This approach is especially beneficial to foreign-language learners who are typically lacking opportunities to freely communicate with native speakers. In order to meet the demands of such learners, a collaborative project between a high school in Hawaii and a collegiate research team in Taiwan was initiated in 2014. A group of well-trained graduate students served as synchronized online Chinese tutors for Chinese language classes at the high school. The online language-learning course is designed for enhancing both the native Chinese teachers' instructional guidance and enriching the target students' learning environments. For such distance courses, many factors should be taken into consideration, including pedagogies, online materials, students grouping, technical support and teacher/tutor training. Since teachers are involved in the above dimensions, teachers' professional cultivation, as well as teacher training process, is essential to successful implementation of distance courses. To enhance the teacher fostering efficiency, a process that consists five stages including pre-service courses, video clips review, class observation, teaching practice, and adjustment was applied.


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