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Volume 9 Number 1, 2018
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Wu, C., Childs, L., & Hsu, I. (2018). Using Educational Technology to Enhance the Three Modes of Communication. Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching, 9(1), 62-77.
[吳青璇, 林秀桂, & 徐翊玲. (2018). 應用科技提高二語學習者三种沟通模式的能力. 科技与中文教学 (Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching), 9(1), 62-77.]

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This study explores recently innovated language learning tools to emphasize their use in engaging learners to develop second language skills in the three modes of communication: the interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational. A literature review and our own use of these tools in the classroom suggest that Chinese learners across age groups and proficiency levels find freely accessible technology, including Go Formative, Edpuzzle, and Google Sites, motivating. This study presents evaluative data, focuses on each tool’s pedagogical effects on the three communicative modes, and provides instructors with evaluation rubrics and task examples as a foundation for incorporating these tools into classroom use. In addition, the present study recognizes limitations in using pedagogical technology, and discusses them from both instructor and learner perspectives.

本研究探討如何將近年來創新的科技教學應用於培養二語學習者的三種溝通技能:(1) 雙向溝通、(2) 理解詮釋、以及 (3) 表達演示。根據相關文獻以及本篇文章作者們收集的研究資料顯示,總體而言不同年齡群和不同中文程度的學習者均認為像是Go Formative、Edpuzzle跟Google Sites等之類的開放式科技應用有益于提升他們的學習動機。為了能讓教師們容易地將這些科技工具運用在他們的課堂之中,本研究提出評量性的數據、說明每個科技工具在三種溝通模式方面的教學效果,并提供測評的評分表和溝通任務的實例。此外,本研究從教師及學習者的角度探討科技使用的限制與挑戰。

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