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Volume 9 Number 2, 2018
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Hong, J., Chyu, S., Sung, Y., & Chang, T. (2018). Applying Chinese Hierarchical Grammar Bank to the Evaluation of Chinese Writing Instruction. Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching, 9(2), 40-60.
[洪嘉馡, 邱詩雯, 宋曜廷, & 張道行. (2018). 應用「中文階層式語法庫」於華語文寫作教學的效果評估. 科技与中文教学 (Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching), 9(2), 40-60.]

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Grammar teaching and Pedagogical grammar have been a highly discussed issue. Nasaji and Fotos (2011) indicate that in the process which second language learner develop communication skill for precise and fluent use of the target language; the “pedagogical grammar” must play an important role in language teaching designs and activities. Therefore, the importance of course designs and activities in grammar teaching are apparent. However, it is quite a dilemma to strike a balance between theories and real classrooms. For one, the researches on the sequencing of Chinese grammar teaching are important yet unfound. For another, although pedagogical grammar and theoretical grammar are closely associated, they are inherently different. Past studies have distinguished the differences between the two (e.g., Shi, 1986;Odlin, 1994;Deng, 2009;Nasaji and Fotos, 2011). Therefore, it calls a need for CSL teaching to clarify the structure of pedagogical grammar. For this reason, the corpus-based study comprehensively incorporates CSL teaching and learning into a Chinese hierarchical Grammar bank. This Chinese hierarchical Grammar bank (total 339 grammars: 61 grammars for sentence type, 110 grammars for sentence structure and 168 grammars for the main components of the sentence) would provide teachers with teaching assisted resources and learners with individualized learning, accommodating all the aspects of both teaching and learning. Above all, the present study looks forward to achieving adaptive and elaborative Chinese pedagogical grammar teaching and CSL writing instruction with theoretical and empirical perspectives. Eventually, the study would implement the Chinese hierarchical grammar bank in real classrooms. Through the teaching experiments, the project would evaluate the scientificity, objectivity, and practicality of the applying this system on Chinese writing courses. This study takes teachers and students from Division of Preparatory Programs for Overseas Chinese Students in National Taiwan Normal University as research targets, observing the writing performance after they use the Automated Paper Scoring for Han Aid (AES-Han Aid). The study aims to figure out how Chinese Hierarchical Grammar Bank could apply to AES-Han Aid and help teachers and students during the Chinese writing course.

教學語法(pedagogical grammar)一直是語言教學中,高度被重視及討論的重點。Nasaji and Fotos(2011)提到,若二語學習者在學習目標語的過程中,可以發展溝通技能並能夠準確流利的使用語言達到溝通目的。對於第二語教學而言,釐清教學語法的內容是相當重要的,歷來已有眾多研究確切分析了兩者間的差異(史存直1986;Odlin1994;呂文華2008;鄧守信2009;Nasaji and Fotos 2011)等。本研究藉由語料庫語言學,以使用頻率做為語法排序基底,以學習者為導向的高頻偏誤語法,呈現語法點教學上較為適當的排序。首先,從多本語法書籍彙整、分析之語法點中,根據實用性(practicality)與頻率(frequency),篩選出339個語法點,包含句子種類61個、句子架構110個和句子成份168個。其次,根據母語與二語的語法點對比,驗證其正確使用頻率及偏誤使用頻率,並依照學習語法點時的四種現象:「常出現、常錯誤、不常出現、不常錯誤」,建立「中文階層式語法庫」,提供更具理論性、全面性與實用性的資源,應用於華語文寫作教學與學習,強化教學效能及提升學習成效。最後,以臺灣師範大學僑生先修部之華語學習者(卓越華語班學習者)為研究對象,探討使用「中文階層式語法庫」於「自傳」類之華語文寫作教學的成效。教學設計將透過寫作任務結構化,採用中文階層式語法點之教學法,強化文本結構內的基礎語法和段落結構間的連貫語法,一步步引導學生完成「自傳」。本研究藉由「中文階層式語法庫」在華語寫作數位課程的教與學,預期提供教師在教學上具有更多元的數位教材,提升學習者在寫作時整體寫作表達及思維能力的輔助工具,並具體提升寫作課程的整體教學品質。

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