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Volume 7 Number 1, June 2016

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Big Content in an Educational Engineering Approach

Colpaert, Jozef, Universiteit Antwerpen (安特卫普大学)
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An Investigation of the Design of a Four-stage Flipped Classroom in Mandarin Chinese

Tseng, Miao-fen (曾妙芬), University of Virginia (弗吉尼亚大学).
Broadstock, Maan (姜满), Wright State University (莱特州立大学)
Chen, Henny (陈姮良), Moreau Catholic High School (莫若高中)
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(Cooperative Peer Learning Activity of Online Cross-Cultural Communication by Sharing Emoji)

砂岡和子 (Sunaoka, Kazuko), 早稻田大学 (Waseda University)
pp. 43-55: Abstract | Article PDF


Collocation Analysis Tools for Chinese Collocation Studies

Li, Shouji (李守纪), Massey University (梅西大学)
Guo, Shulun (郭曙纶), Shanghai Jiao Tong University (上海交通大学)
pp. 56-77: Abstract | Article PDF


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