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Volume 13 Number 2, December 2022

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Intelligibility of Chinese Synthesized Speech and Learners’ Attitudes towards Its Use in CSL Learning and Instruction: A Preliminary Study

Wang, Yanlin (王彦琳), Texas Tech University (德克萨斯理工大学)
Da, Jun (笪骏), Middle Tennessee State University (中田纳西州立大学)
Yin, Chengxu (尹承旭), University of Notre Dame (圣母大学)
pp. 1-16: Abstract | Article PDF

The Design of a Web-based Placement Test for College-Level Chinese Language Programs

Qian, Zhiying (钱之莹), Florida State University (佛罗里达州立大学)
pp. 17-38: Abstract | Article PDF

Optimizing Remote Synchronous Learning in A Chinese Language Class: Theory and Practice

Bao, Yingling (鲍莹玲), Indiana University Bloomington (印第安纳大学)
Chen, Yea-Fen (陈雅芬), Indiana University Bloomington (印第安纳大学)
pp. 39-63: Abstract | Article PDF


Chinese Online Teaching and Learning: The CMU OLI Chinese Online Program
(网上中文教与学: CMU OLI 网上中文课程)

Wu, Sue-mei (吴素美), Carnegie Mellon University (卡内基梅隆大学)
pp. 64-77: Abstract | Article PDF


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