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Volume 15 Number 1, June 2024

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Managing editor for this issue: Shijuan Liu


Can ChatGPT Reliably and Accurately Apply a Rubric to L2 Writing Assessments? The Devil is in the Prompt(s)

Poole, Frederick J., Michigan State University (密西根州立大学)
Coss, Matthew D., Michigan State University (密西根州立大学)
pp. 1-24: Abstract | Article PDF

Predicting Chinese Language Learners' ChatGPT Acceptance in Oral Language Practices: The Role of Learning Motivation and Willingness to Communicate

Li, Nuoen (李诺恩), The Chinese University of Hong Kong (香港中文大学)
Zhang, Lan (张岚), The Chinese University of Hong Kong (香港中文大学)
Lau, Kit Ling (刘洁玲), The Chinese University of Hong Kong (香港中文大学)
Liang, Yu (梁宇) Beijing Language and Culture University (北京语言大学)
pp. 25-48: Abstract | Article PDF

Large Language Model and Chinese Near Synonyms: Designing Prompts for Online CFL Learners

Zhao, Qun (肇群), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (香港理工大學)
Hsu, Yu-Yin (許又尹), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (香港理工大學)
Huang, Chu-Ren (黃居仁), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (香港理工大學)
pp. 49-69: Abstract | Article PDF


基于AI技术的CVC中文视听语料库设计与应用 (The Design and Application of a Chinese Audio-Visual Corpus Based on AI Technology)
Wang, Tao (王涛), Beijing International Studies University (北京第二外国语学院)
pp. 70-81: Abstract | Article PDF

Use of Asynchronous Online Discussion in an Online Chinese Heritage Language Course (异步在线讨论在一华裔线上中文课程中的应用)
Ji, Jingjing (季晶晶), Northwestern University (西北大学)
Lin, Chuan (林川), University at Buffalo (布法罗大学)
pp. 82-102: Abstract | Article PDF


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