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Volume 6 Number 1, 2015
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Liu, S. (2015). An Introduction to Multi-Screen Interaction and Screen Mirroring Technology and Its Applications in Language Teaching and Learning. Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching, 6(1), 61-73.
[刘士娟. (2015). 多屏互动和屏幕镜像技术及其在语言教学中的应用. 科技与中文教学 (Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching), 6(1), 61-73.]

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As more and more users own smart phones and tablets in addition to computer and TV devices, the collocated interaction with these devices “poses the question of how to seamlessly connect the different display spaces and their afforded interactions” (Leigh, 2015). Building an ecology of devices to provide users with fluid experience (Rick, 2009) has received increased attention from various stakeholders across fields. This article first provides a brief explanation to the emerging multi-screen interaction and screen mirroring technology, then introduces some pieces of hardware (e.g., Chromecast, Apple TV), software, and apps (e.g., Airserver, Reflector, iTools, PC Link, Project My Screen, Doceri, Display Note) that support screen mirroring and interactions among devices (i.e., TVs, computers, smart phones, and tablets). The article then analyzes the applications of these tools in language teaching and learning. While some tools can be used in language teaching and learning, most of them have limitations, such as only supporting devices running certain operating systems, not cost effective ( in terms of time and/or money) for language classrooms. Finally, the article recommends Kahoot (getKahoot.com), a free game-based online platform, supporting all devices with Internet access, which can be easily and effectively used in language teaching and learning.

随着智能手机和平板电脑拥有者人数的增加,如何实现这些 新移动设备和电视及笔记本电脑等原有设备之间的互动和资源使用最 优化,成为最近两年广大用户、生产商、技术人员及其他有关人士关 心的热门问题。支持多屏互动和屏幕镜像技术的各种硬件和软件也应 运而生。本文首先对屏幕镜像和多屏互动技术作一简单解释,其次介 绍几种支持设备间屏幕镜像和多屏互动的硬件(比如 Chromecast 和 Apple TV)、软件和应用程序(比如 Airserver、Reflector、Ausus PC Link、 Project My Screen 等),然后对其在语言教学中的应用做些评 析。文章最后推荐了一个可支持各种设备且可简单高效用在语言课堂 教学中的网站(getKahoot.com)。

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