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Volume 11 Number 1, 2020
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Xu, J. (2020). Machine Translation for Editing Compositions in a Chinese Language Class: Task Design and Student Beliefs. Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching, 11(1), 1-18.
[徐军. (2020). 应用机器翻译编辑中文作文:任务设计与学生信念. 科技与中文教学 (Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching), 11(1), 1-18.]

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The frequent use of machine translation (MT) in the daily lives of the digital generation presents challenges and opportunities for language teaching and learning. Rather than excluding MT from the classroom, educators have begun exploring various ways to integrate it into classroom instruction. While most studies ask students to post-edit a translation provided by MT, this study employed a different task design: having students post-edit self-written Chinese compositions with the help of MT. The study was conducted in a fourth-year Chinese language class at a public university. The beliefs of 12 students in the value of MT were investigated based on responses to a questionnaire and open-ended questions. The study found that students hold a positive attitude towards using MT in writing assignments. The students noted that MT helped them learn vocabulary and grammar, improve the quality of writing, boost confidence in Chinese use, and acquire autonomous learning skills. A comparison between this study and previous studies also revealed the critical role of task design in successfully implementing MT in classroom instruction.

机器翻译在日常生活中的广泛应用为语言教学带来了机遇与挑战。越来越多的研究在探索如何在课堂教学中应用,而不是排斥机器翻译。许多先行研究关注于学生如何通过机器翻译来编辑由机器翻译提供的写作版本,本研究采取了与其不同的任务设计。 12位来自某公立大学四年级的中文学生使用机器翻译来编辑自己的中文作文。通过分析学生对问卷和开放式问题的回答,本研究发现学生对使用机器翻译编辑作文抱有积极的态度。 他们认为使用机器翻译可以帮助学习词汇和语法、提高作文质量、增强信心以及掌握自主学习策略。另外,本研究与先行研究比较结果也证明了任务设计在课程教学中应用机器翻译的重要性。

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