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Volume 11 Number 2, 2020
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Huang, L. (2020). Technology-Enhanced Online Language Education: A Standards-Based Online Elementary Chinese Course. Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching, 11(2), 140-165.
[黄丽玲. (2020). 科技赋能网络教育:标准为本的初级汉语网络课程设计及科技应用. 科技与中文教学 (Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching), 11(2), 140-165.]

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This article examines the design of a standards-based Chinese language course at Boston University and shares how the course integrates various digital tools to support learning outcomes. After discussing the course design principles, which include standards-based instruction, Backward Design, and the Community of Inquiry framework, the author introduces the course model, combining asynchronous learning, synchronous learning, and virtual community activities. The article also showcases one sample module, describes its Integrated Performance Assessments and learning activities, and examines its design against research informed pedagogical principles. The author demonstrates the tools used to facilitate task completion and increase interactions, followed by a discussion of what the author takes into account when choosing tools. Course evaluations and questionnaires were conducted during the 2019 Summer and 2020 Summer terms in order to understand students’ perceptions of the course and the tools. Survey results indicate students’ positive attitudes toward the course, the tools, and their language gains.


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