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Volume 14 Number 2, 2023
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Hu, B., Xiao, S., & Chen, H. (2023). Online Teaching Strategies of Idioms for International Chinese Teachers Under the Digital Bloom’s Theory. Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching, 14(2), 44-61.
[胡波, 肖詩俊, & 陈红. (2023). 數字布魯姆理論下國際中文教師的成語線上教學策略研究. 科技与中文教学 (Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching), 14(2), 44-61.]

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The digital Bloom's theory matches different types of digitization tools for the classification of cognitive goals, offering significant reference value for the new normal of online teaching in international Chinese language education in the post-COVID-19 pandemic. Considering the complexity of Chinese idioms content teaching, this paper investigated online teaching strategies of international Chinese language teachers by combining the digital Bloom's theory. A questionnaire and a semi-structured interview were conducted with 20 international Chinese language teachers with 1-5 years of teaching experience. The results showed that most of the international Chinese language teachers were able to pay attention to the different cognitive goals of the learners, and assisted them in their learning by inserting search engine tools, playing audio and video, and creating online group discussions. However, the availability of equipment, internet connectivity, teacher's competence, and student's cooperation significantly impact the implementation of online teaching activities. By integrating Bloom's taxonomy with international Chinese idiom teaching strategies, this study aims to facilitate online teachers in selecting appropriate digital teaching tools, thereby enhancing their overall proficiency in digital instruction.

數字布魯姆理論為認知目標分類匹配了不同類型的數字化工具,對新冠疫情後國際中文教育的線上教學新常態具有重要的參考價值。本文針對中文成語教學的複雜性,結合數字布魯姆理論探討了國際中文教師的成語線上教學策略。通過問卷和半結構訪談法, 本研究調查了20位教齡為1-5年的國際中文教師。結果表明, 國際中文教師大多能關注到學習者不同的認知目標, 並通過插入搜尋引擎工具、播放音視頻、創設線上分組討論等線上教學策略幫助其進行學習,但設備網路、教師能力及學生配合問題会影響線上教學活動的開展。本研究將數字布魯姆理論與國際中文成語教學策略相結合,有助於教師線上教學時選擇合適的數字化教學工具,全面提升教師的數字化教學水平。

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