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Volume 6 Number 1, 2015
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Zhan, W., Ma, T., Tian, J., & Sunaoka, K. (2015). Development of an Online Database for Chinese Resultative Verb Compounds and Its Application Based on Data Visualization Technology. Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching, 6(1), 1-15.
[詹卫东, 马腾, 田骏, & 砂岡和子. (2015). 汉语述补结构数据库的构建及其可视化研究. 科技与中文教学 (Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching), 6(1), 1-15.]

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This paper describes the development of an online database for Chinese resultative verb compounds. Based on the database and related linguistic resources, including a semantic lexicon and a large-scale corpus, the authors propose a new computing method using semantic correlations to determine if two verbs can be formed as a Resultative Compound. In order to use the database and the computational method to support Chinese teaching and learning as a second language more efficiently, a web-based demo program is developed with the help of data visualization technology.

本文简述了“现代汉语述补结构用法词典”在线数据库的构 建情况,提出基于该数据库、大规模语料库及已有的语义知识库,用 事件语义相关度计算的方法来度量两个谓词性成分(V1,V2)构成 述补结构的可能性,并探讨了述补结构用法词典数据及事件语义相关 度计算的可视化呈现及其在对外汉语教学中的应用。

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