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Volume 2 Number 2, 2011
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Cheng, Z. (2011). Online Chinese teaching and learning: A case study. Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching, 2(2), 50-68.
[程朝晖. (2011). 对外汉语网络课程教学实例分析. 科技与中文教学 (Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching), 2(2), 50-68.]

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This study is based on my four-semester online Chinese teaching experience, focusing on comparative analysis of learning outcomes from the teaching models of both face-to-face and online instructions. My study suggests that online Chinese instruction may obtain similar learning outcomes if it is carefully designed and well executed, but the efficiency isn‟t as good as the one of classroom instruction. Learners may still prefer face-to-face class if both types of instructions are available, especially for those at the lower or beginner‟s levels. This study also suggests that the design of online language instruction should pay a close attention to students‟ interactivities as well as other communicative modes in order to create a native or near native language learning environment. Online Chinese instruction may help learners gain their abilities to recognize Chinese characters due to more readily available online readings materials. Finally, the instructor‟s supervising and the learner‟s self-discipline are equally important to ensure the effectiveness of online learning.

本文基于 4 个学期的汉语网络语言课程的实际教学实例,对汉 语网络语言课程的学习与教学做一个纵向的分析、研究,为汉语的网 络教学提供一些实际的经验、教训。研究的材料、方法包括对课程和 学习者的语言测试、观察分析以及问卷调查和数据统计分析。本人的 这份研究结果有以下几点启示:1. 如果网络课程设置得当,则听说读 写各方面的教学结果与课堂教学相当,但在效率上不及课堂教学。2. 对于汉语语言课程的学习,学习者可能更喜欢选用面对面的课堂学习 方式,而非网络课程。汉语水平越低的学生越是如此。因此,网络课 程的设计如何更人性化、更加强调学习者之间的相互交流和互动、更 及时有效的反馈将是网络语言课程设计所要注意的方面。3. 汉语网络 课程可以提高学习者的汉字识字水平。4. 即使是网络教学课程,教师 的作用仍然非常重要,不可忽视。网络语言课程的效果离不开学习者 严格的自律和教师的严格要求与监督。

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