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Volume 3 Number 2, 2012
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Lu, J. (2012). The current situation and developmental needs of network-based Chinese language teaching in the digital age. Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching, 3(2), 1-15.
[陆俭明. (2012). 数码时代汉语网络教学的现状与发展需求. 科技与中文教学 (Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching), 3(2), 1-15.]

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In the current digital age, network-based Chinese language teaching has gone through the stages of 'if' and 'how' and is now ready for a new paradigm shift. This paper proposes three possible approaches to facilitate such a change: 1) There should be a focus of research on the theoretical foundations of Chinese language teaching methodologies that are fundamental to network-based language teaching; 2) More attention should be devoted to the theoretical investigation of network-based Chinese language teaching practices, especially in the areas of Chinese grammar and morphology, sequencing in the instructions of different components of the Chinese language, and the traditional grammatical analysis and innovation of teaching approaches; and 3) There is a need for more resources development for network-based Chinese teaching. Possible approaches to resources development are discussed.

在当今数码时代,汉语网络教学已经走过了“能否实施”和“如何 实施”这两个阶段,如今需进一步有一个质的飞跃,以适应汉语教学发 展的需要。如何实现这质的飞跃?文章着重谈了三点看法:一是“要树 立正确理念”,着重强调对汉语教学的性质和总的指导思想、对汉语数 码化网络教学以及汉语数码化网络教学本体研究,必须要有正确的认 识。二是“要加强汉语数码化网络教学本体研究”,指出开展汉语数码 化网络教学本体研究是进行汉语数码化网络教学的根基,并以事实说 明,除技术层面外,就汉语教学本身来说,当前急需进行“词语和句法 格式用法研究”“汉语各要素内部在教学上的排序研究”和“传统的句法 分析与教学思路的革新”。三是“进一步建设和不断完善汉语数码化网 络教学资源库”,论述了进一步建设和不断完善汉语数码化网络教学资 源库的必要性,以及发展的方向。

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