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Volume 4 Number 2, 2013
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Liang, Y., Deng, J., & Au, W. (2013). Evaluation of interaction mechanism on e-learning platforms for teaching Chinese as a second language. Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching, 4(2), 55-68.
[梁源, 邓俊清, & 欧伟民. (2013). 汉语二语教学网络平台的交互评价. 科技与中文教学 (Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching), 4(2), 55-68.]

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As a major component and a fundamental element in e-Learning, “Interaction” has direct impact on student learning, especially in arousing interest and upholding quality of learning. This paper analyzes one such evaluative framework used to assess the level of interaction on e-Learning platforms for teaching Chinese as a second language. The index weights and consistency of the evaluation indicators have been identified by the Analytic Hierarchy Process. The study made use of both qualitative and quantitative data. Qualitative data was obtained by interviews and questionnaires whereas quantitative data was acquired through sophisticated software. Empirical evidence from 30 respondents was collected. Corresponding analysis through evaluation indicators on the sample e-learning platforms were made, and the findings were echoed by the subjective comments from the respondents.

作为网络教育的重要组成和基本手段,交互直接影响到学生的学习兴趣与质量。本文提出针对汉语作为第二语言教学的网络平台的交互评价系统。评价指标均通过层次分析法确定权重和一致性检测;评价系统在使用时要收集定性数据和定量数据,定性数据通过访谈、问卷等方式获得,定量数据则通过软件技术获取。为检测该评价系统的实际效果,我们让 30 位受试者对网络平台样本进行了主观评价与指标测评的相互印证。

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