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Volume 5 Number 1, 2014
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Ruan, H., Dai, J. E., & Yeh, P. (2014). The impact of the perceptions of information technology on the use of digital tools in teaching Chinese as a second language. Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching, 5(1), 18-29.

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This report examines the current use of digital technology tools by the K-16 teachers of Chinese in order to provide a basis for the improvement of effective integration of digital tools in teaching Chinese language. It aims to reveal the impacts of the teachers’ perception toward the use of information technology on the actual use of digital tools in the classroom. The preliminary results indicate that: 1) the teachers’ perception on the uses of digital tools affects how s/he actually uses these tools in the language classroom; 2) the high perception teachers have, the higher the self perceived ability toward the use of the digital tools; 3) the higher the teachers’ self-perceived ability, the more they use digital tools in the classroom. These results confirm that Chinese language teachers’ perception of the use of digital tools and that of teachers of other subjects are not very different. It also offers suggestions of ways to enhance the teachers’ perceptions towards the use of digital tools in teaching.

为提高使用数位工具的效率和整体中文教学的水平提供依据, 本报告调查了K-16中文教师科技数位工具使用的现状, 试图了解教师的数位技术认知对教学中数位工具使用的影响。初步结果表明:1) 教师对使用数位工具认知的程度影响教师在课堂中数位工具的使用; 2) 教师认知越高,教师的数位工具使用的自我认知能力也越高; 3)自我认知能力越高,课堂中使用的数位工具也就越多。这些结果确认中文教师在对数位工具的认知程度与数位工具的使用与其他科目的教师差别不大。本文最后也提出了提高教师数位工具使用认知的建议。

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