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Volume 5 Number 2, 2014
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Wu, S., Lei, Y., & Guan, K. (2014). Implementing CALL technology in teaching a content-based Chinese hand puppet theater course. Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching, 5(2), 36-48.
[吴素美, 雷雨芸, & 官恺璐. (2014). 在主题内容式的中国布袋戏课程教学中使用计算机辅助教学技术. 科技与中文教学 (Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching), 5(2), 36-48.]

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Content-based arts and literature curricula can make important contributions to any language program. This paper has chosen a Chinese hand puppet theater course as an example to demonstrate how to transfer traditional text materials into user-friendly multimedia and interactive game-type exercises that expose students to Chinese arts and culture, while also enhancing their language proficiency skills. It will also demonstrate how to make the best use of technology to enable use of content and exercises in different levels and types of curricula. It will showcase an example of technology that may be integrated into arts and literature oriented courses at the elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels. It is hoped that readers will benefit from the examples and gain ideas about how to empower the curriculum with technology, manage students with varying backgrounds, teach literature and culture, and balance content instruction with language skill instruction.

以主题内容式教学来介绍艺术、文学和文化等课程是任何语言系中一个很重要的组成部分。本文以中国布袋戏为例以展示如何将传统的文本资料转换成受学习者欢迎的多媒体和互动游戏型的教学内容, 以帮助学生更有效地了解中国艺术、文学和中国文化, 同时亦能提高他们的语言能力。此外, 本文亦阐明如何利用科技网络的优势, 在不同课型和语言阶段中, 有效地应用电脑科技来辅助语言与文化教学。此主题式的教学课程模式, 不仅能帮助教师管理课上不同汉语水平的学生, 而且也能帮助学生对主题内容知识的了解及强化其语言能力的技巧。

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