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Volume 12 Number 1, June 2021

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Approaching Chinese Radical Awareness through 3D Printing

Yu, Qiaona (俞巧娜), Wake Forest University (维克森林大学)
pp. 1-22: Abstract | Article PDF

(The Effects of Multimedia Assisted Materials for Self-Learning Chinese Characters)

Cheng, Hsiujen (鄭琇仁), National Kaohsiung Normal University (高雄師範大學)
Hung, Hsin-han (洪新涵), National Sun Yat-sen University (中山大學)
Yeh, Tingchia (葉庭嘉), National Kaohsiung Normal University (高雄師範大學)
pp. 23-50: Abstract | Article PDF

Using Online Applications to Enhance Phonetic Acquisition among Learners of Chinese

Xu, Hongying (徐红英), University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (威斯康星大学拉克罗校区)
Li, Yan (李艳), University of Kansas (堪萨斯大学)
pp. 51-81: Abstract | Article PDF

Teacher Agency in Adapting to Online Teaching during COVID-19: A Case Study on Teachers of Chinese as an Additional Language in Macau
(教師發揮能動性以適應2019冠状病毒病期間的在綫教學: 基於澳門對外漢語教師的個案研究)

Gong, Yang (龔陽), University of Macau (澳門大學)
Fan, Chun Wai (范進偉), University of Macau (澳門大學)
Wang, Chuang (王闖), University of Macau (澳門大學)
pp. 82-101: Abstract | Article PDF

(Development and Validation of the Pre-Service L2 Chinese Teachers’ Educational Technology Acceptance Scale)

孙培健 (Sun, Peijian), 浙江大学 (Zhejiang University)
张军 (Zhang, Lawrence Jun), 奥克兰大学 (University of Auckland)
pp. 102-116: Abstract | Article PDF

Supporting Online Chinese Narrative Writing Pedagogy through Metacognitive Writing Process and Approach: A Design-Based Research

He, Fei (贺菲), SingChin Academy (广州新侨学校)
Lin, Chin-Hsi (林金锡), The University of Hong Kong (香港大学)
pp. 117-137: Abstract | Article PDF


Read-Along Videos for L2 Chinese Learners

Diane Neubauer (杜雁子), University of Iowa (爱荷华大学)
pp. 138-151: Abstract | Article PDF


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