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Volume 11 Number 2, December 2020

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A Study of Online Synchronous Immersive Communication in Mandarin Chinese

Tseng, Miao-fen (曾妙芬), University of Virginia (弗吉尼亚大学)
Sun, Yujia (孙雨佳)
Lan, Yu-Ju (篮玉如), National Taiwan Normal University (国立台湾师范大学)
pp. 1-23: Abstract | Article PDF

缐上華語學習活動: 兩種形式之比較
(Text-Based Online Communicative Activities: A Comparison of Two Approaches)

陳蕙郁 (Chen, Huei-Yu), California Polytechnic State University (加州理工州立大學)
pp. 24-63: Abstract | Article PDF

WeChat Assisted Differentiated CFL Instruction in Study Abroad: A Pilot Case Study

Chen, Leeann (陈丽安), Embry-Riddle University (安博瑞德航空大学) Zhan, Hong (战红), Embry-Riddle University (安博瑞德航空大学)
pp. 64-92: Abstract | Article PDF

Chinese Language Learners’ Participation in a WeChat Online Community of Practice

Ji, Jingjing (季晶晶), Northwestern University (西北大学) He, Shuheng (何书恒), University of Illinois at Chicago (伊利诺伊大学芝加哥分校)
pp. 93-112: Abstract | Article PDF

(A Survey on the Use of Technology and Digital Resources in CFL Instruction in Eastern European Countries before the COVID-19 Pandemic)

王云彤 (Wang, Yuntong), 北京大学、北京交通大学 (Peking University, Beijing Jiaotong University)
许杰 (Xu, Jie), 北京交通大学 (Beijing Jiaotong University)
pp. 114-139: Abstract | Article PDF


(Technology-Enhanced Online Language Education: A Standards-Based Online Elementary Chinese Course)

黄丽玲 (Huang, Liling), 波士顿大学 (Boston University)
pp. 140-165: Abstract | Article PDF


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