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Volume 4 Number 1, June 2013

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The Use of ICT in Supporting Distance Chinese Language Learning ─ Review of The Open University's Beginners' Chinese Course (运用信息通讯技术支持远程汉语学习——英国开放大学初级汉语课程评述)
Kan Qian (阚茜) ,英国开放大学 (The Open University)
pp. 1-13: Abstract | Article PDF

Teaching Chinese to Indian Students: An Understanding (教印度学生学汉语:一些认识)
Geeta Kochhar (康婧),Jawaharlal Nehru University (尼赫鲁大学)
pp. 14-36: Abstract | Article PDF

汉语初学者否定句语调的起伏度分析 (Undulating Scale Analysis of Chinese Negative Intonation Produced by Beginning Learners)
刘艺 (Liu, Yi),香港理工大学 (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
pp. 37-49: Abstract | Article PDF


A Consciousness-Raising Approach to Pragmatics Teaching: Web-based Tasks for Training Study-Abroad Students (以网络任务型方式提高留学项目学生的语用意识)
Chunhong Teng (滕春红),Michigan State University (密歇根州立大学). Fei Fei (费飞),Michigan State University (密歇根州立大学)
pp. 50-63: Abstract | Article PDF

平板电脑与中文教学 (Tablets and Chinese Language Teaching and Learning)
刘士娟 (Liu, Shijuan),宾州印第安纳大学 (Indiana University of Pennsylvania)
pp. 64-75: Abstract | Article PDF


《对外汉语教育技术概论》书评 (Review of Introduction to Educational Technologies for Teaching Chinese as A Foreign Language)
颜伟 (Yan, Wei),北京语言大学 (Beijing Language and Culture University)
pp. 76-79: Article PDF


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