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Volume 8 Number 2, December 2017

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Chinese Language Learning and Teaching through Desktop Videoconferencing (运用桌面视频会议之汉语语言教学与习得)
Sung, Ko-Yin (宋可音), Utah State University (犹他州立大学)
Cheng, Hsiu-Jen (郑琇仁), National Kaohsiung Normal University (國立高雄師範大學)
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Students' Perceptions about a Flipped Online Chinese Language Course (学生对于网络中文翻转课堂的感知)
Li, Jiahang (李佳行), Michigan State University (密西根州立大学)
Jiang, Zilu (江子鹭), Ohio State University (俄亥俄州立大学)
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Implementing Online Platforms to Promote Collaborative Learning in Chinese Language Classrooms (中文课堂中借助网络平台提升学生合作学习之应用与实例)
Lai, Allison (赖昭桦), University of Scranton (斯克兰顿大学)
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外语教师网授技能培训:文献综述与培训计划建议 (A Review of Literature on Preparing Language Teachers to Teach Online: What Has Been Done and What Is Needed?)
张胜兰 (Zhang, Shenglan), 爱荷华州立大学 (Iowa State University)
pp. 53-69: Abstract | Article PDF


虚拟现实技术的历史、现状及其在语言教育中的应用 (History and Current State of Virtual Reality Technology and Its Application in Language Education)
叶为兵 (Ye, Weibing), 圣母大学 (University of Notre Dame) 刘士娟 (Liu, Shijuan), 宾州印第安纳大学 (Indiana University of Pennsylvania) 宋飞 (Song, Fei), 北京第二外国语学院 (Beijing International Studies University)
pp. 70-100: Abstract | Article PDF

汉语中介语口语语料库建设的现状与任务 (Constructing Spoken Corpora of L2 Chinese Learners: Where We Are and What Needs to Be Done)
张宝林 (Zhang, Baolin), 北京语言大学 (Beijing Language and Culture University)
pp. 101-112: Abstract | Article PDF


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