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Volume 10 Number 2, December 2019

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(Detection and Recovery Effects of Wrongly Written Characters in Context among Readers of Chinese as a Second Language)

王骏 (Wang, Jun), 上海交通大学 (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
苏茜 (Su, Qian), 上海交通大学 (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
pp. 1-60: Abstract | Article PDF

Technology as Enabler of Learner Autonomy and Authentic Learning in Chinese Language Acquisition: A Case Study in Higher Education

Valdebenito, Mario (福迈睿), Smith College (史密斯大学)
Chen, Yalin (陈雅琳), Smith College (史密斯大学)
pp. 61-81: Abstract | Article PDF

Gamification in American High School Students’ Chinese Learning: A Case Study of Using Speed Mandarin
(汉语学习的游戏化:用Speed Mandarin教美国高中生汉语的案例研究)

Wang, Lih-Ching Chen (陳麗卿), Cleveland State University (克利夫兰州立大学)
Liu, Xiongyi (刘雄艺), Cleveland State University (克利夫兰州立大学)
Zhang, Qianwei (张倩伟), Baton Rouge International School (Baton Rouge国际学校)
pp. 82-101: Abstract | Article PDF

Investigating the Effect of Chinese Pronunciation Teaching Materials Using Speech Recognition and Synthesis Functions

Watanabe, Yukiko (渡邉ゆきこ), Okinawa University (沖縄大学)
Omae, Tomomi (大前智美), Osaka University (大阪大学)
Odo, Satoru (小渡悟), Okinawa International University (沖縄国際大学)
pp. 102-124: Abstract | Article PDF


Learning Chinese Culture through Multimedia Authentic Materials and Ethnographic Interview in a Blended Learning Environment: A New Approach

Zhang, Shenglan (张胜兰), Iowa State University (爱荷华州立大学)
pp. 125-149: Abstract | Article PDF


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