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Volume 3 Number 1, June 2012

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远程汉语课多语言聊天室的教学效果 (Effects of multilingual chatting in Chinese distance learning)
砂冈和子 (Sunaoka, Kazuko) ,早稻田大学 (Waseda University)
pp. 1-12: Abstract | Article PDF

在线学习辅助以第二文化习得为导向之寓言教学 (Online collaborative learning for teaching Chinese allegory oriented by second culture acquisition)

朱我芯 (Chu, Wo-Hsin) ,国立台湾师范大学 (National Taiwan Normal University)
王兆华 (Wang, Chao-Hua),国立台中科技大学 (National Taichung University of Science and Technology)
pp. 13-33: Abstract | Article PDF

以數位學習工具輔助「以字帶詞」詞彙學習策略之成效探討 (The effects of computer-assisted morphemic analysis instruction on vocabulary learning)
高柏園 (Kao, Po-Yuan),淡江大學 (Tamkang University)
陳俊文 (Chen, Chun-Wen),國立臺北藝術大學 (Taipei National University of the Arts)
陳振祥 (Chen, Chen-Hsiang),淡江大學 (Tamkang University)
郭經華 (Kuo, Chin-Hwa),淡江大學 (Tamkang University)
黃宜雯 (Huang, Yi-Wen),淡江大學 (Tamkang University)
pp. 34-44: Abstract | Article PDF


支架式反向教学设计:以微博为例 (Scaffold with backward design: A Weibo perspective)
黄韫之 (Huang, Angelica Yunzhi),蒙特雷国际研究院 (Monterey Institute of International Studies)
pp. 45-55: Abstract | Article PDF

网络游戏与中文教学 (Online games in Chinese teaching and learning)
刘士娟 (Liu, Shijuan),宾夕法尼亚印第安纳大学 (Indiana University of Pennsylvania)
pp. 56-77: Abstract | Article PDF


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