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Volume 5 Number 1, June 2014

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L1 and L2 online reading strategy usage of advanced Chinese learners

Kuo, Yi-Lu (郭依鹭), Indiana University Bloomington (印第安纳大学布鲁明顿分校)
Yu, Pei-Shan (余佩珊), Indiana University Bloomington (印第安纳大学布鲁明顿分校)
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(The impact of the perceptions of information technology on the use of digital tools in teaching Chinese as a second language)

阮勇强 (Ruan, Henry), 下东城高中 (Lower East Side Preparatory High School)
戴金惠 (Dai, Jinhuei Enya), 蒙特雷国际研究学院 (Monterey Institute of International Studies)
叶佩妤 (Yeh, Peiyu), 国立新竹教育大学 (National Hsinchu University of Education)
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Examining the role of computer-assisted practice in enhancing learner's perception and retention of Chinese pronunciation

Mushangwe, Herbert (李开明), Hebei University (河北大学)
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Blackboard Learn 平台上初级汉语网上课程的实践与探索
(Practice and exploration of the Blackboard Learn platform in teaching Chinese online for beginners)

姜松 (Jiang, Song), 夏威夷大学 (University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa)
pp. 54-74: Abstract | Article PDF

(Blend your lessons through flipped and seamless learning)

陳姮良 (Chen, Henny), 莫若高中 (Moreau Catholic High School)
pp. 75-82: Abstract | Article PDF


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