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Volume 6 Number 2, December 2015

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(Issues in CALL Studies)

许德宝 (Xu, De Bao), 澳门大学 (University of Macau)
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(The Omnipresence of the Chinese Language in Virtual Classrooms)

游欣恩 (Yu, Stefanie), 維也納大學 (University of Vienna)
劉冠賢 (Liu, Kuan-Hsien), 維也納大學 (University of Vienna)
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Does the Personalization of Multimedia Instruction Influence the Effectiveness of Decorative Graphics during Foreign Language Instruction?

Wang, Yanlin (王彦琳), Clemson University (克莱姆森大学)
Crooks, Steven M., Idaho State University (爱达荷州立大学)
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(Enhancing the Range of Listening Breadth with Various Mandarin Accents ─ Development of the “Mandarin Chinese Listening Training” Website)

信世昌 (Hsin, Shih-chang), 國立台灣師範大學 (National Taiwan Normal University)
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Review of Cultura-Inspired Intercultural Exchanges: Focus on Asian and Pacific Languages
(《Cultura-Inspired Intercultural Exchanges: Focus on Asian and Pacific Languages》书评)

Hill, Yao Zhang (张垚), 夏威夷大学 (University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa)
pp. 48-60: Article PDF

Call for papers for the June 2016 issue


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