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Volume 8 Number 1, June 2017

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De Bao Xu

Special issue on technology in teacher education

Guest editors

Chin-Hsi Lin
Miao-fen Tseng

From the guest editors

New Waves in Technology-enhanced Development for Chinese-language Teachers
Lin, Chin-Hsi (林金锡), Michigan State University (密西根州立大学)
Tseng, Miao-fen (曾妙芬), University of Virginia (弗吉尼亚大学)
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Technology and the Education of Chinese-language Teachers: Where Are We Now? (科技与中文教师教育之现况与发展)
Lin, Chin-Hsi (林金锡), Michigan State University (密西根州立大学)
Liu, Haixia (刘海霞), Michigan State University (密西根州立大学)
Hu, Ying (胡莹), Michigan State University (密西根州立大学)
pp. 1-15: Abstract | Article PDF

Examining Pre-service Chinese Teachers' Multimedia Design: A CTML-based Quantitative Study (以多媒體學習認知觀點檢視職前中文教師多媒體課程設計)
Cheng, Hsiu-Jen (鄭琇仁), National Kaohsiung Normal University (國立高雄師範大學)
pp. 16-35: Abstract | Article PDF

The Development of Skills Required for Online Chinese Language Teaching (网上中文教师教学技能培养之探讨研究)
Tseng, Miao-fen (曾妙芬), University of Virginia (弗吉尼亚大学)
pp. 36-55: Abstract | Article PDF

Developing Electronic Teaching Portfolios: A Way to Success for Preservice Teachers (建立电子教学档案,促进对外汉语教育)
Chen, Dongdong (陈东东), Seton Hall University (西东大学)
pp. 66-85: Abstract | Article PDF

Preservice Teacher Training for Online Chinese Teaching: A Case of Distance Courses for High School Learners (華語線上教師之職前培訓:針對美國高中遠距華語課程之個案)
Hsin, Shih-Chang (信世昌), National Tsing Hua University (國立清華大學)
Hsieh, Chia-Ling (謝佳玲), National Taiwan Normal University (國立臺灣師範 大學)
Chang-Blust, Laura (張美智), Punahou School (普納荷學校)
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