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Volume 10 Number 1, June 2019

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(An Experimental Study on Discriminating Chinese Near Synonyms: Contrasts between Machine Learning Systems and Second Language Learners)

詹卫东 (Zhan, Weidong), 北京大学 (Peking University)
曹晓玉 (Cao, Xiaoyu), 北京大学 (Peking University)
崔巍 (Cui, Wei), 北京大学 (Peking University)
常宝宝 (Chang, Baobao), 北京大学 (Peking University)
pp. 1-25: Abstract | Article PDF

Using Online Applications to Improve Tone Perception among L2 Learners of Chinese

Xu, Hongying (徐红英), University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (威斯康星大学拉克罗校区)
Li, Yan (李艳), University of Kansas (堪萨斯大学)
Li, Yingjie (李颖颉), University of Colorado-Boulder (科罗拉多大学博尔得分校)
pp. 26-56: Abstract | Article PDF

Developing Chinese Matching Games: From Inception to Completion

Chen, Dongdong (陈东东), Seton Hall University (西东大学)
pp. 57-72: Abstract | Article PDF


Integrating Technology in the Teaching of Advanced Chinese

Bai, Jianhua (白建华), Kenyon College (肯扬大学)
Li, Cong (李聪), Duke Kunshan University (昆山杜克大学)
Yeh, Wen-Chin (葉雯瑾), Kenyon College (肯扬大学)
pp. 73-90: Abstract | Article PDF

(Enhancing Interaction through the Effective Incorporation of Technology Tools for a Virtual Chinese Language Classroom)

曾妙芬 (Tseng, Miao-fen), 弗吉尼亚大学 (University of Virginia)
高燕 (Gao, Yan), 亨利科县公立学校 (Henrico County Public Schools)
蔡罗一 (Cai, Luoyi), 北卡罗莱纳大学教堂山分校, (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
pp. 91-113: Abstract | Article PDF


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